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Side Mounted Level Switch

The NISAN MLSH10 is a single-pole, double-throw electric switch capable of sensing the liquid level inside a process vessel. The unit is typically mounted via the integral 2-1/2” MNPT connection. Several standard adapters are available for use when a 2-1/2” FNPT is not available on the vessel. The MLSH10 requires no preventative maintenance as it is totally sealed. The MLSH10 provides either a normally open or normally closed dry contact to activate external devices such as alarms or solenoids. Variations in process fluid specific gravity have minimal effect on the level measured because of the small size of the integral float.


Switch type Magnetically actuated, hermetically sealed, bi-stable switch. Single pole, double throw

Contact Material Rhodium alloy

Switch Action Break before make

Max Dead band Approx. +/- 0.50” of float travel

Contact Ratings AC rating (max): 250 V or 1 amp resistive or 100 VA

DC rating (max): 125 V or 0.5 amp resistive or 100 W

Lamp Load Rating: 1/3 A @ 125 VAC

Process Temp. -100 to 450°F / -73 to 232°C

Contact factory regarding use in colder applications

Contact Temp. -40 to 302°F / -40 to 150°C

Maximum Pressure 1500 psig / 103 bar standard 5000 psig / 345 bar with HP option

Specific Gravity 0.4 Minimum (Clean Fluids)

Inspection & Testings:

All Magnetic Level Guages are inspected at various stages of manufacture for Dimensional Check. Hydrostatic test: 1.5 Times the operating Pressure.

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