Tee Type Strainers


Tee Type Strainers

The “Tee” strainers are suitable for either horizontal or vertical (downward flow) piping. Free straining area is minimum 6 times pipe CS area. Standard elements are 40 mesh stainless steel welded. Stiffeners made of rods form the skeleton of the filter elements. The mesh is spot welded with the stiffeners for maximum strength. Different size perforations and meshes are available in Stainless steel, , and brass to meet specific media requirements. Other materials of construction for filters can be provided on request. This pressure drop chart is based on the flow of clean water through 6 mesh (approx 1/8” hole size) perforations.


• Chemical processing

• Petroleum

• Power generation

• Marine

• Oil & Gas

• Iron & Steel


• Food & Beverage

• Pharmaceutical

Design & Construction:

• No dynamic seals

• Minimal purge for low waste operation

• Easy in-line installation

• Continuous 24/7 operation

• Maintenance-friendly design makes low labor costs

• Eco-friendly. No bags to purchase, change or landfill

• Complete package with controls and blowdown valve.

• Special Ashcroft differential pressure switch with diaphragm seals for isolation.

• Separate control panel will be provided in requirement/ big in size.

• Low pressure situations like gravity flow from tanks.

> Technical Specifications:

• Material of construction Housing : Carbon steel, Stainless steel in various grades, - Other materials and coatings available on request

• Filter Element: Carbon steel, Stainless steel in various grades - Other materials available on request.

• End connection : Flanged (As per requested Table.), Threaded (NPT or BSP)

• Sizes: Sizes are available from 1/2" Line size to 24" Line size. Other/Higher sizes available on request

• Filtration rating : Filtration rating available from 1 micron to 1000 microns

• Pressure rating: Up to 1000 PSI. High-pressure ratings available on request

Inspection & Testings:

All Self Cleaning Strainers are inspected at various stages of manufacture for Dimensional Check. Hydrostatic test: 1.5 Times the operating Pressure.

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